Jiong WANG*1, Fengyu Yang*1, Wenbo Gou1, Bingliang Li1, Danqi Yan1, Ailing Zeng3, Yijun Gao2, Junle Wang2, Yanqing Jing2, Ruimao Zhang1, †
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)1, Tencent2, IDEA3
*Indicates Equal Contribution;
Indicates Corresponding Authors



11M+ Frames
8000 videos

10 Scenarios
27 Real locations

40 Subjects

3D Pose Annotation

Dataset Environment #Subject #Action #Scene #Sequence #Frame #Camera FPS
HumanEva Laboratory 4 6 1 168 80K 7 30
CMU Panoptic Laboratory 8 5 1 65 154M 31 30
MPI-INF-3DHP Real Scene 8 8 1 16 1.3M 14 30
3DPW Real Scene 7 47 4 60 51K 1 30
Human3.6M Laboratory 9 15 1 840 3.6M 4(Fixed) 30
AIST Laboratory 30 10 1 1408 10.1M 9(Fixed) 30
HuMMan Laboratory 1000 500 1 400K 60M 11(Fixed) 30
HuMMan-Released Laboratory 132 20 1 4466 278K 11(Fixed) 30
FreeMan Real Scene 40 123 10 8000 11.3M 8(Movable) 30/60
FreeMan includes 10 type of scenes that corresponds to 29 locations. Fixed means cameras are fixed within the whole dataset, while our cameras are movable and camera poses vary among video sequences.

Paper (Arxiv)

If you find FreeMan useful and used it in your research, please cite our paper.


FreeMan dataset is open-sourced under the license of CC-BY-NC-4.0 and is for Research Purpose ONLY. No commercial usage is allowed.
To download FreeMan data, users are required to complete following steps. Detailed instructions in Download page.
1. Download and sign the dataset usage agreement.
2. Complete the Application Form or ็”ณ่ฏท่กจๆ ผ for information backup.
3. Submit an access application on data host platform: Huggingface or OpenXLab.

Data Structure

FreeMan consists of 2 subsets corresponding to 30FPS & 60FPS, respectively. Each subset data includes RGB videos, camera parameters, 2D & 3D human keypoints, SMPL parameters, bounding boxes. File structure is shown as below. Data are grouped into different folders by data types.
yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN is the unique name for each session. yyyymmdd refer to capture date, xxxxxxxx refer to uuid of the session, NN refer to subject id. Details can be found in Documentations.

              โ”œโ”€โ”€ 30FPS
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ bbox2d
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN.npy
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ keypoints2d
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN.npy
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ keypoints3d
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN.npy
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ motions
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN_view0.npy
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN_view8.npy
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ cameras
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN.json
              โ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ videos
              โ”‚        โ”œโ”€โ”€ yyyymmdd_xxxxxxxx_subjNN
              โ”‚        โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ vframes
              โ”‚        โ”‚       โ”œโ”€โ”€ c01.mp4
              โ”‚        โ”‚       โ”œโ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”‚        โ”‚       โ””โ”€โ”€ c08.mp4
              โ”‚        โ”œโ”€โ”€ ...
              โ”œโ”€โ”€ 60FPS
              โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ ...

License & Statement of Responsibility

FreeMan dataset is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

All actors involved in the work are recuited on basis of voluntary and well informed of data collection and usage. Personal information of actors are disclosed.

Team Members

Jiong Wang, Fengyu Yang
Co-First authors. This work is done when Jiong is an MPhil student and Fengyu is an Msc student supervised by Prof. Ruimao Zhang at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen).

Wenbo Gou, Danqi Yan, Bingliang Li
This work is done when they are research assistant at the research group supervised by Prof. Ruimao Zhang. Bingliang is also Msc student at School of Data Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

Ailing Zeng
Dr. Zeng is affiliated with IDEA and she serves as a technical advisor in this project.

Yijun Gao, Junle Wang Yanqing Jing,
Mr. Gao, Dr. Wang and Mr. Yanqing Jing are affiliated with IEG, Tencent. Yijun provides support on data collection tools and Junle is the leader of Turing Lab in Tencent. Thanks for their help and support.

Ruimao Zhang
Prof. Zhang is the corresponding author of this work. He's also the supervisor of students participated in this work.

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Address: Daoyuan Building, The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, Shenzhen